Character: The combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another-

and we are a bunch of characters.........

ALAN | heinrich - NCARB, AIA, Principal Architect, Managing Partner

Formally educated at Cal State University, Long Beach, Alan Heinrich brings his unique sense of the conjoining of art, science, landscape, and architecture to all of his work. Alan Heinrich's design approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique qualities of each client's program, site, and aspirations. He eschews working in any particular style. Before he begins any project, Mr. Heinrich studies and analyzes the functionality of the best of that building type. This benchmarking methodology yields to a conceptual process that involves transcending and superseding the current state-of-the-art. Alan's attentiveness to interpersonal relationships and employee relationships are well received by all parties alike. Mr. Heinrich possesses both exceptional problem solving skills as wells as analytical for the most complex of projects. His inspiring leadership and motivational characteristics assure the project will be performed with confidence and competence.

DARRYLL | brandwine - Assoc. AIA, Design Principal , Managing Partner

Darryll Brandwine was trained in the art of architecture at New York Institute of Technology in New York, NY, where he earned his Bachelor of Architecture. Darryll was greatly influenced by many of the famous architects by paying homage to their works all around the city of New York. The campus he attended was located at Central Park South so during breaks in class he would take a stroll in the park. It was then that he realized amid all the steel and concrete that the jewel in the middle of the city was not only beautiful, but vital to everyday function of this busy place. Central Park provided an escape, an oasis where one could collect his or her thoughts or just relax and re-focus in the midst of chaos. Buildings must engage nature, not hide from it. Like nature, buildings can be designed to create enjoyable spaces where one can engage and function in a positive manner. Life is stressful at times and everyone needs a habitat where they can feel at peace with themselves. It is that exact notion that carries over into Mr. Brandwine's architectural design and philosophy. Mr. Brandwine works as a Design Principal and Managing Partner at d3. With over twenty-two years of experience, he is involved in conceiving and developing architectural solutions to programming problems. He creates designs and plans of projects with responsibility for preparation of presentation and design drawings with intimate knowledge level of construction. He also provides coordination of drafting efforts on projects as well as overseeing projects to ensure the initial design intent is carried through the drafting/documentation process.

STEVE | winfield - Intern Architect / Job Captain

Recent graduate of UNLV's Architecture program and "Masters of Architecture, Steve is gaining "on-the-job" training leading towards his eventual licensing.  Steve is our "do-it-all" guy and is versatile performing design tasks to Construction Documentation.